The little chick was born on May 12 and only weighed a half a pound. It's the first ever macaroni penguin and it's now two weeks old and weighs 1 and 1/2 pounds. The chick is living it up at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

This is the first successful breeding of a macaroni penguin at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. "We've had the macaronis for a long time, but some of them are older, which are past breeding age, but some of the ones that are younger are now going through their breeding behaviors," the penguin keeper [Katy Wozniak] says. "So they did lay an egg, and it hatched on May 12." - Pittsburgh CBS

The penguin's parents have been enjoying their time bonding with their little one, and are quite protective of their chick.

She says the chick will develop the black and white waterproofing feathers in just a few months. "And then the parents actually kind of bring them out into the exhibit, stand right by the water's edge, and they kind of give him a friendly nudge to get into the water, and they teach their chick to swim," Wozniak said. - Pittsburgh CBS

Because they haven't been able to ascertain the sex of the baby chick, they haven't settled on a name yet. This could actually take a while, considering it could take 3-4 years for the chick to come of age.