When you’re a badass IndyCar driver your senior prom comes to you

Sage Karam isn't your average high school senior… His extracurricular activity is being a freaking IndyCar driver. So, of course, he missed his high school's prom because he was busy going 240 MPH around Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but his team decided every high schooler should get their own prom… So they threw him one.


Team members of Ganassi/Dreyer & Reinbold Racing began their prom planning Monday (better than the 5 months you spent at your prom committee meetings) and by Wednesday they had even flown in Karam's girlfriend Anna de Ferran so the two could dance the day away.

Karam's Indy-style prom coincided with the Indy 500 Community Day, a day when the garage area is open to the public, so thousands of IndyCar fans got to share in his special high school memory. His team even made it feel like the real deal by having the all the prom standards: prom-pose pictures, dancing, and decorations.

And in case you're wondering, he was crowned "Prom King," by 500 Festival Queen Lauren Isaacs. We also think getting to race in the Indy 500 is one heck of a prom after-party.


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