There's one city in America that brings a whole new meaning to Smalltown, USA... With a population of 1, (Yes- one, uno, 1) Monowi, NE is officially the smallest incorporated municipality in America. Stop by the town's only business, a bar, and hear the history of Monowi from Elsie, its favorite (and only) resident.


Monowi wasn't always just 1 person... It actually peaked in the 1930s at a bustling population of 150, but by the 2000 census Monowi was down to two: Rudy and Elsie Eiler. Rudy has since passed on, but the Mayor/widow founded a town library in his honor.

Elsie wears many hats as the only resident of Monowi... She is the mayor of her own city of one which means she pays taxes to herself and produces a municipal road plan each year to ensure her four street lights don't lose funding. The best part: Elsie gave herself a liquor license. Starting your own one person city sounds like a good plan now, doesn't it?


Come see Elsie at the Monowi Tavern where you can have a beer with the town's only bartender/mayor/librarian/citizen.


Photo Credits: Best-Posts, Library Road Trip

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