You Can Visit this Real-Life Ghost Town from 'The Walking Dead'

49 miles south of Atlanta is the sleepy town of Grantville. A rural southern town virtually abandoned after its cotton mill closed. Now, it's pretty much a ghost town. However, this ruined wasteland is seeing new life as a major filming location for deliciously-macabre soap opera, The Walking Dead...and you're invited to visit.

There's a row of abandoned buildings that line Grantville's Main Street, where several scenes from the third season's episode "Clear" were shot. With the fourth season premiering this Sunday, the filming locations have begun being disclosed (they try keeping them under wraps until the episodes air). Every Friday and Saturday visitors from all over exit of I-85 and take a tour, led by Grantville Mayor Jim Sells.


Though the cotton textile industry fueled Grantville's economy, the town also developed a reputation as "the liquor exit" by area residents, since "it's the only place in Coweta County to buy bottled liquor." After the textiles left, the town died and the film crews arrived.

Grantville is among a handful of rural Georgia towns undergoing a renaissance, thanks to the AMC show. In nearby Senoia, many scenes are filmed in the historic downtown area, transforming into the fictional town of Woodbury for the show. In Haralson, tours are offered each weekend for fans to enter the barn that was the scene of an ambush. They can hold an M16 out the same window as one "Walking Dead" actor did.

Free tours offered Friday and Saturdays.

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