This Dymaxion replica will be the weirdest thing at Amelia Island Concours

Bucky Fuller was a man ahead of his time… Known mostly for his Dymaxion "Dwelling Machine," a spaceship-looking house intended for mass-production, he also dabbled in poetry, art, math, sailing, and, of course, automobile design. His one major foray into the automotive world, the Dymaxion Car, seems to combine all his interests into one bizarre, futuristic piece that Jeff Lane has spent 9 years recreating for an epic 600 mile road trip this spring to the Amelia Island Concours. Safe to say it'll be the strangest creation there...

If you're not lucky enough to see this 11-passenger, 3-wheeled bizarro creation at Amelia Island or on the road en route, you can see it on display at the Lane Automotive Museum in Nashville (You know, Jeff's little collection of absolutely incredible cars. See more pictures of the museum).


The replica has been on the road a lot in preparation for the trip- mostly hour or so cruises, but a 600 mile drive to Florida and back may be a little more intense than a quick trip around Nashville... The Dymaxion replica is, in many ways, still a car from the 1930s, especially its engine- a 1933 Ford flathead. It's 3-wheels (with the rear wheel pivoting) also creates a, uh, unique driving experience. Hemmings quotes Lane:

We just took it for a 40-mile trip today, and it's kind of like driving a 20-foot-long forklift. Though it's really not all that bad now that we have a body on it—it's really very quiet with the engine in the rear and doesn't have as many vibrations as one would expect for a Thirties car.


This Dymaxion is actually a combination of the 3 originals with the body design mostly from Dymaxion #1 and the chassises from #2 and #3. He has also made some upgrades to make it more road-worthy like swapping the original chain & cable brakes/steering systems for hydraulic brakes and steering.


Learn more about Lane's replica and the real, only remaining Dymaxion here on Roadtrippers.


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