The most evil car in America has killed at least 14 people

Stephen King's Christine made for one hell of a terrifying book and movie, but what if there really is a car so haunted, so possessed, that its known for killing dozens and dozens of people? Meet the 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition dubbed the "GoldenEagle," the most evil car in America.


The Dodge was originally purchased as a police car for Old Orchard Beach, ME, but was sold to an elderly local man after the car began generating a creepy reputation.

All three officers to ever drive the car died in bizarre murder-suicides, killing their families and themselves, but the murderous rage inspired by this car doesn't stop there...

Kids having touched the car have killed their families. Vandals of the car all die in horrific deaths. The list goes on...

Read the full article about the other mysterious deaths, serial killings, and all around creepiness associated with the car on Roadtrippers.

All Photos: EelKat Wendy Allen

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