This Awesome Timelapse Takes You Thru the Best Breaking Bad Locations

Not ready to let go of Breaking Bad? You don’t have to with this insanely cool timelapse pilgrimage to the show’s most iconic filming locations. Our resident photographer (and die-hard Walter White fan) wasn’t ready to say goodbye. So he hopped in his van and drove 1,365 miles from Vancouver to Albuquerque.

Photographer and hardcore superfan, Joel Schat created this amazing timelapse that forever immortalizes Walter White’s epic journey from high school chemistry teacher to New Mexico’s meth kingpin. All the major filming locations are represented, from the White house, to Los Pollos Hermanos, to sleazy Saul’s office.


After wrapping up filming, Joel attended the funeral for Walter White. Oh yes, the city of Albuquerque held a funeral for Heisenberg himself, in an actual cemetery, no less. While the ceremony was a purely symbolic way for the city to say goodbye to a series that brought so much to the area, it was also used as an opportunity to raise awareness (and funds) for healthcare for the homeless.

R.I.P. Breaking Bad.

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