This artist intentionally destroyed a collection of rare vintage cars

Classic cars rotting in the woods have become a real fascination these days. From American Pickers to Junkyard Gold, it's all over the television. If you're a car lover, part of you dies every time you see a once beautiful machine decaying in a field somewhere, but what if you knew one man purposely abandoned a collection of rare 1950s cars and called it "art"?


Fashion designer turned race driver turned artist Michael Fröhlich has done just that with his "Auto Sculpture Park," in Germany. The park contains so many amazing cars rotting it is painful for us to list them, but here are a few: a Porsche 356, a Jaguar XK120, a rare Tatra, a Rolls Royce, and a 50s Willys Jeep.

The story only gets sadder from here... Read the full article with more pictures and all the other depressing details on Roadtrippers.

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