Today, Mean Girls turns 10 years old. OMG! That means I'm 32. Goddammit! Mean Girls is for millennials what Heathers was for 80s kids. Though, Heathers is admittedly much darker and more delicious as a satire. But, there's something sickly sweet about Mean Girls. This was the vehicle that propelled Lindsay Lohan to heights of fame from which she would fall, oh so hard. It made Rachel McAdams a face to remember, resurrected Lacey Chabert's career (albeit ever-so briefly) and introduced the world to Amanda Seyfried, an ethereal sprite who can tell the weather with her breasts. Though the film was set in the Chicago suburbs, it was actually filmed in and around Toronto at these filming locations:

The high school was shot at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute.

Some of the interior classroom scenes were shot at Givins Shaw PS.

That massive confrontation in the gym was filmed at Malvern Collegiate Institute.


The shopping mall scenes were filmed at Sherway Gardens.


Lastly, the Mathlete competition was filmed at Convocation Hall.


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