The world's first bra museum is pretty much the breast thing ever

Some might say that owning 5,000 bras is a bit excessive...especially if that someone is a man. But Chen Qingzu, a 45-year-old health worker in Southern China, says that his massive brassiere collection is for a good cause; he plans to open the world's first bra museum to promote women's health.

The so-called Bra-man Monk has collected undergarments of all shapes, sizes and styles over the past 20 years, and he says that the extensive collection reflects changes in society over the past two decades.


So, how did a dude come to own over 5,000 boob holsters anyhow? Most of them were donated— Chen travels to different college campuses to give talks on breast health, and he asks for donations to add to his ever-growing collection. Unfortunately, there's no firm date on when the museum might open; Chen wants to at least double his collection before then.

On the plus side, his area's local council is donating a building to house the bra-mazing collection, which would make the museum free to visitors, which would basically be the breast thing ever.

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