The tale of a nitrous huffing cult leader and his 93 Rolls Royces

When cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh fled India (after his cult got a nasty reputation for prostitution and drug running) and landed in our great land of opportunity, he bought his first Rolls Royce. It would be the beginning of the ridiculous rise and fall of the Rajneesh cult resulting in an unheard of collection of colorfully-painted Rolls Royces.


After a brief stay in NJ and the purchase of his first Rolls, which he said allowed him to "ride in a tranquility that compares with the peace by Buddah," Rajneesh took to the west coast for greener pastures for cult building. It was in the tiny town of Antelope where Rajneesh would build his cult following. They quickly took political power and renamed the town to "Rajneesh." And, essential to all great cults, they legalized nudity in the city parks.

The "town's" population swelled as did Rajneesh's bankroll. His 5,000 followers lined his pockets with roughly 100 million dollars. Despite spending thousands on a massive movie collection and enough nitrous oxide to put down a horse (he even bought a $12,000 dentist chair) Rajneesh still had enough money to buy 2 Rolls Royces a month.

Then it all came crashing down and one man walked away with 85 Rolls Royces... Read the rest of the story on Roadtrippers.

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