Museum of Questionable Medical Devices has a prostate warmer. No really.

Once nicknamed "The Quackery Hall of Fame", the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices is a shining testament to our obsession with doing really, really weird crap to ourselves in the name of science. Though the museum closed in 2002, it lives on as the Science Museum of Minnesota's collection, "Questionable Medical Devices."


Want to shed that pesky extra 10 pounds? Why not strap yourself to the vibrating belts and shake the weight away. Does it work? No way, but that didn't stop us from doing it. How about knowing what your feet might look like in a pair of shoes without actually having to put them on? Well, there's an x-ray machine for that. What could possibly go wrong? If you want to know the hidden secrets of someone's personality, forget about getting to know them, the museum's fully functioning Phrenology reading machine can answer all your questions.

"Phrenology, created by Austrian physician Franz Joeseph Gall, was the 'in theory' of the 19th century for determining personality. According to phrenology, different parts of the brain were "organs" controlling various character traits. If your head is bigger in an area, you have more of that trait. But if it's flat, there's nothing in there!" - Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

The fancy metal colander thingy was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to notable medical devices. A fan favorite is the Foot Operated Breast Enlarger Pump, aka the 10 dollar boob bruiser. Yep that's right, the device came with three cups (three?), a clear plastic pipe, and a foot pump. Unfortunately the Foot Operated Breast Enlarger Pump didn't work (no shit) and instead left four million pairs of really sore lady-lumps in its wake. They're also in possession of a prostate warmer… but you can use your own imagination for that one.


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Owner Bob McCoy retired form the world of weird medical expertise in 2002 and donated his collection of over 325 exhibits to the Science Museum of Minnesota. Fans can visit today to see some of the exceptionally weird, and in many cases, exceptionally dangerous inventions, though unfortunately not all are on display.


If you're visiting the Science Museum of Minnesota don't forget to swing by the 'Questionable Medical Devices' exhibit. And don't worry, your prostate will remain un-warmed and your feet x-ray free, though you might have a little Phrenology measurement. It won't hurt a bit...

Source: Weird Minnesota


Museum of Questionable Medical Devices, Listen, I've got this crook in my neck....

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