Study Says This is the Funniest City in America

Every town in the US has its funny little quirks (I'm looking at you Seaman, Ohio) but only one can claim the coveted title of Funniest City in America. A recent study from the HuRL (hilarious acronym, Humor Research Lab... well done!) along with the authors of The Humor Code finally settles the debate as to which city is comedy champ, once and for all.

The study based rankings on data such as each city's number of visits to comedy websites and comedy-related web searches, the number of comedy clubs per square mile, how many famous funny people were born in each city, and even traveling stand-up comedians' rankings of each city's audiences. They also surveyed 900 residents from the top 10 funniest cities to get a feel for each city's distinct flavor of humor.


It's no surprise that Chicago came out on top as America's funniest city— the Windy City is famous for its comedy clubs like The Second City and the iO Theater which have launched the careers of countless comedians. Chi-Town also the birthplace of Robin Williams, John Belushi, Kathy Griffin, Michael Ian Black and Harold Ramis, among others. As for their style of humor, Chicagoans really seem appreciate improv-based and situational humor as opposed to traditional jokes, so be sure to hone your wit if you want to fit in.

Boston claims the number two spot on the list by embracing both intellectual and lowbrow humor. If you're looking to entertain yourself with something classy, you'll want to find a comedy club near one of the universities; if you're not above a good poop joke, the city is more than happy to oblige you at one of their other boozed-up comedy clubs.


The third funniest city, Atlanta, has spawned several different comedy styles thanks to the city's diversity, and it goes without saying that Washington D.C., the fourth funniest, gets the biggest kick out of cynical political humor. Portland's signature absurd and random comedy style helped it clinch the number five spot, and New York City comes in at number six, using humor as a release from the stress of big city livin'. Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle round out the top ten.


Mad your hometown didn't make the list? Just laugh it off— humor is the best medicine, after all.

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