We've all raced to the bathroom, but on Saturday in Conconully, Washington you actually race in the bathoom. Grab a magazine and a helmet for the 31st annual Conconully Outhouse Races.


In case you're thinking of entering, we have the official rules for your competition crapper:

Constructed of wood or wood by-productsMounted on two non-metallic skisAt least 3-sided with a full roofAt least 5' high, including roof peakAt least 2 1/2' by 2 1/2' squareWithout motor or steering devicesEquipped with a toilet seat and toilet paper on a hangerInspected by race officials prior to racing.

Of course, not all poop huts and teams are the same so there are multiple divisions: male, female, teens, family, seniors (combined team age over 125), X-treme (complete with obstacles), and our favorite... the bucket division. For this moronic division the pushers wear buckets on their heads while the person seated on the throne directs.


Names on the outhouses are just as creative as their construction with past team names such as the Wee Can, Who Cut the Cheese, and the Butt Hut 2 (because just one Butt Hut is never enough)


So if you're in Conconully, WA this weekend be sure to check out their 31st annual Outhouse Race. If you have to use the facilities and the port-a-john is on skis, you may not want to use it.

Cover Photo: NPR

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