Naked church brings new meaning to "come as you are"

The days of dressing up in a three-piece suit for church are quickly fading as more and more churches adapt a come-as-you-are dress code. That being said, the White Tail Chapel (seriously, white tail) may have taken it a bit too far with their no-clothes-necessary worship policy.


According to Pastor Allen Parker the Bible has quite the thing for nudity, citing verses in Genesis about Adam & Eve's nudity, and even Christ's nudity during his crucifixion. His conclusion? Clothes are for the pretentious and if you come to their church, feel free to come naked as a jay-bird.

Dont worry, the White Tail Chapel isn't just some stand-alone church full of naked people you might unsuspectingly pop in on one Sunday, but part of the White Tail Nudist Resort in Ivor, Virginia. When you consider its location, Pastor Parker already had his "mission field" of nudists, and making them put clothes on seems almost inhumane when you think about the freedom they enjoy the rest of the week…

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