The lost art of working with your hands… It's something motorheads take pride in. There's something special about keeping an old motorcycle running... Working with your hands on an old engine isn't inferior to working in an office, quite the opposite, and the Greasy Hands Preachers documentary will convince you.


The plot outline from their Facebook page:

A biker crossing a beautiful landscape is an image that, for most, conveys the idea of freedom. However, the mechanic who builds and repairs this bike remains perceived as proletarian with dirty hands, a man who is without a doubt dominated in the economies of knowledge. How did this generalized devaluation of manual labour create the image of a man in his garage as a prisoner of his own intellectual and financial misery? We can often recall hearing this saying at school: "if you don't work you'll end up a mechanic". As if our good report cards would forever prevent us from becoming poor and stupid.

However, recently, the media has taken a liking to this new wave of handymen who seem to have deliberately chosen their track: from vintage motorcycle customizers to bakers, the fact that they are good with their hands hasn't been a cause for lack of respect. It's actually quite the opposite.

Like all great endeavors, being a prophet takes money. Help them out on Kickstarter.


And if you already have a sweet vintage bike, what better trip to take than the Easy Rider route?


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