These two crazy Germans just drove a MINI Cooper AROUND THE WORLD

Meet Fritz Fritz Kreis and Thomas Fuerst, two insane Germans who just drove their MINI Cooper east from Heidelberg, Germany to New York City. If you thought that last coast-to-coast trip you took was pretty epic, you have now been officially one-upped…


This ridiculous road trip of all road trips took the two through Poland, the Baltics, Russia, Korea and even Japan. They dubbed the trip, "MINI Goes All Around." From Japan the two had their little MINI flown to California to meet up for day one of the 5,000+ 2014 MINI Takes the States event. On an overnight stop in Memphis, I got the chance to talk to Fritz more after he made me re-cheers him on Beale Street for not looking him in the eye the first time… "You no look me in the eye when we cheers, 7 years bad sex."

After recovering from my mistake and hopefully staving off nearly a decade of bad sex, I asked Fritz every question I could think of about their trip, all somewhat-foolishly based on watching Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman about a hundred times on Netflix.

For more from our interview with Fritz and Thomas and more pictures of their epic journey read the full article on Roadtrippers: These two crazy Germans just drove a MINI around the world

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