Maximum Overdrive: A Terribly Awesome Awful Film

Fans of the movie Christine must have surely been thrilled for the debut of Maximum Overdrive. Fans of Stephen King must have been even more excited to see his name listed as the director, his first and only stab at directing. Unfortunately, Maximum Overdrive will forever be known as a lovable failure.

The day horror went into overdrive...


Fans of both movies can see a real car used in Christine and the goblin face from the semi-truck this weekend in Lexington, KY at Scarefest. Of course serious car movie lovers should be at the Jalopnik Film Festival this weekend. You can always see Christine and Goblin face some other time.

Maximum Overdrive might have stood a chance if they brought in John Carpenter again, but instead a self-admittedly coked-out Stephen King took a stab at it. This resulted in a mess, not to mention a hefty settlement for a woman who lost an eye during filming. King and Emilio Estevez were nominated for Golden Raspberries for Worst Director and Worst Actor, but thankfully Prince was still trying to make movies back then and took the crown with Under the Cherry Moon.


For all the terrible acting and terrible directing, you still can’t help but love this movie. Maximum Overdrive has all the big explosions, deranged scenes, AC/DC tunes and variety of vehicles to redeem it from its lack of, well, everything else. Who didn’t watch this movie and stand to the side of the soda machine, or feel just a little nervous firing up their lawnmower?


We salute King’s worst film adaptation and vow to watch it on late night television whenever possible. With more and more cars controlling their own motions, is it ripe time for a remake?

Need a refresher on this classic? Here's the full film to keep you distracted from work today:

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