Linda Vaughn shows she still knows how to work a Hurst shifter

In Linda Vaughn's younger days she was the "it" girl of racing, and she'll forever be remembered as Miss Hurst, but last weekend Ms. Vaughn showed she could still work a crowd by helping auction off two cars for a combined $400,000 at Barrett Jackson.

The first car to cross the block was a replica of the 1969 Olds 442 Hurst Shifter convertible car where Linda Vaughn spent countless hours posing with the giant shifter on the rear deck lid. She wasted no time climbing back up on the shifter to help push the car to a $200,000 final bid with the proceeds going to the Darrell Gwynn Foundation.


But Linda wasn't done working the crowd. She came back Saturday night with her very own 1979 Hurst Olds and pushed it to $200,000 as well. Once again, the proceeds went to a great cause thanks to the current owner, Ele Chesney, re-donating the car back to The Cancer Research Fund at TGEN in memory of Russ and Brian Jackson.

Ele Chesney shelled out $270,000 just months ago for the car, again benefitting cancer research. Linda Vaughn's 1979 Hurst Olds has now generated nearly half a million dollars for cancer research in 2014... Now that's impressive work Ms. Vaughn.

Of course, we know you want to see some great pictures of Linda from back in the day... Fear not, we've got you covered on Roadtrippers.

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