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“Camping is awesome.” Some people say that. I guess it’s more or less accurate. Depends on your definition of “awesome,” obviously. But, what kinda bugs me is this war between “campers” and “glampers.” Why do I have to choose between a pampered camping-like outing, and “roughing” it? Does it make me any less of a “camper.” Yeah, okay, it sorta does. Particularly when your “glamp” (is the noun of glamping a thing?) is more kitted out than an upscale boutique hotel. Ooh, boutique camping! Let’s just call it that! Well, regardless, if I was offered a stay at AutoCamp along the Russian River, I’d totally spend a weekend in style:

The California-based luxury camping company combines the best parts about camping (like being walking distance from beaches and Redwood forests) with my favorite parts about staying in a hotel (like upscale amenities and deluxe beds). Just like camping though, glamping isn’t for everyone, but if you love the idea of camping without the gear and vacationing closer to nature, then AutoCamp Russian River might just be for you. - Design Milk



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