Here's how you can see L.A. the OJ Way

No one can cruise L.A. like O.J. Minimum speed limits? Not for the Juice. If you’re hitting up Los Angeles and want to relive the excitement of the most famous low-speed chase in modern history, we’ve made it easy for you. Here’s your guide to seeing LA the OJ-way.

The route is easy to follow. Just hop on the I-405 about 50 miles south of Brentwood and head north towards OJ’s old Brentwood home. If you’re being a purist, you can actually start your trip at Robert Kardashian’s house. Of course, we’re not quite sure where O.J. drove after he ran from Kardashian’s house. So, improvise. Just make sure you hop on the I-405 somewhere around Costa Mesa. (Note: on our route we end the trip at Kardashian’s house for ease of viewing.)


We suggest having a friend (maybe an old college football teammate) drive so you can focus on the route and talking to the police. Or perhaps you want to play the cop instead… Not a bad choice. You can even eat like a cop... Randy’s Donuts is right off the chase route!

Your OJ road trip ends where his old house used to sit. Remember to remain in your car for approximately 45 minutes, just like the Juice did. Unfortunately the original house was bulldozed in ’98, so you’ll just have to make do hiding for an hour somewhere else. May we suggest the Hotel Angeleno, known for being a filming location and icon all its own.

Now the question becomes what to drive? Well, if you’re playing the cop role it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with an old Crown Victoria, just hail a cab. (Sure it’ll be newer than 1994, but that’s life.) If you’re playing OJ your options are fairly limited… Old Ford Broncos aren’t exactly sitting at the rental agency… Ford discontinued the nameplate a few years after OJ made it synonymous with fleeing the police. Don’t worry, you can always rent the aptly named Escape for this adventure. Just make sure they have it in white.


And don’t forget your driving gloves!


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