Get Busy at the World's First Museum of Prostitution

Paying for sex may not be new in Amsterdam's notorious Red Light District, but paying to learn about paying for sex is.

Red Light Secrets is the world's first museum dedicated to prostitution (kind of surprising, since it is the world's oldest profession and all). It's located in an old canal building that was, until recently, a functioning brothel. Go behind the glass and view a peeskamer (the room a prostitute rents for around $200 per shift), learn about the different types of sex customers are having, hear the stories of some of the Red Light District's prostitutes, and discover the other, less sexy (but still interesting!) sides of the De Wallen neighborhood, where the Red Light District is located.


Learning about prostitution might seem less exciting than actually experiencing it, but since a visit to a prostitute in the Red Light District only lasts about 10 minutes, Red Light Secrets at least offers more "bang" for your buck.

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