Sculpture artist/boundary-pusher, Kara Walker, uses art as a medium to expose the atrocities committed in the antebellum American South against African Americans. Her latest work is on display at the abandoned Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn. The piece is called A Subtletly, however it's anything but. At 75ft long and 35ft high and 26ft wide, it's a mammoth critique on the detestable and dehumanizing history of slavery.

Photography by Jason Wyche, Courtesy Creative Time, 2014

The work is mostly made out of sugar and comprises a series of figures, including 15 servants bearing empty baskets and bananas. These boyish slaves are moving towards a giantess at the centre of the piece, naked except for a Black Mammie headscarf. Her sphinx-like physique is exaggeratedly feminine. "I was thinking about sugar and the associations with desire," explains the artist. -The Art Newspaper

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