Today's date has been frightening the superstitious since the 19th century, but it wasn't until 1980 when a bloody knife and a quaint New Jersey campground carved Friday the 13th into American pop culture forever. Now, for the second time ever, you can not only visit the iconic setting.. but own part of it.

Camp Crystal lake, the teen homicide capital of horror, is actually a real working Boy Scout retreat by the name of Camp NoBeBoSco. Nestled in the forests of northern New Jersey, the camp has been in operation since 1927, and despite it's hugely important role in the slasher film lineage, has never fully embraced it's legacy until recently.

Today, for only the second time ever since Friday the 13th was released, Camp NoBeBoSco is officially opening it's doors to horror fans for an exclusive tour of the filming locations, most of which are still standing.

From NoBe's official website:

Have you noticed that there's a Friday the 13th in September? What's your calendar looking like that weekend? :)

Ever since the first Friday the 13th movie was filmed at No-Be, we have received countless requests from movie fans to visit the camp. Since the safety of our youth campers is priority #1, we do not allow non-Scout visitors at any time.

This rule was relaxed for the first time ever on Friday, May 13th, 2011 - the date of the first camp tour. Feedback on the first tour was overwhelmingly positive. Every attendee had a great time and most said they would consider attending a future tour.

Small groups of attendees will embark on a personalized guided tour of the grounds. You'll visit all of the locations that have been made famous on television and film.


If simply walking in the shoes of Jason Voorhees (and his mother) isn't creepy enough for you, NoBe is offering an even more interesting way to celebrate the date. How? By selling pieces of Camp Crystal Lake itself!

NoBe supporters can score themselves a framed piece of the dock where Jason drowned, setting into motion twelve movies and a television series. It can be yours for just $75, a total steal considering the bragging rights it affords any die hard horror fan.


So far the tour managers haven't added any bladed weapons to the list of memorabilia offered, but other fun pieces of Friday the 13th history include chunks of Alice's cabin and dice carved from the main lodge's reclaimed wood.

Finally, for those of you lucky enough to make it out the event this afternoon, the camp counselors need you to know one thing:

Will I be able to run around like a maniac with a knife and a hockey mask?

Sorry, no

Bummer. But don't worry, there's still other ways to lose an eye.

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