Brooklyn hipsters now having "Silent Reading Parties" because, Brooklyn

Imagine reading a good book while sipping on a glass of pinot noir and letting the calming sounds of classical music soothe you— no, this isn't a scene from a Jane Austen's Brooklyn's latest and hippest event: the Silent Reading Party.

Once a month, bookworms gather at Muchmore's in Williamsburg to read in silence together. Like any good party, there's live music. Unlike most parties, however, it's live harp music. Muchmore's serves beer, wine, coffee and food as well, in case the thought of a party without booze and snacks is unbearable. Just know that they're pretty serious about the "silent" part.


It's a good chance to unwind, meet like-minded individuals and maybe even finish that book you've been working on since high school. Check out their website for info on May's event!

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