As if! A guide to 'Clueless' filming locations in LA

With its trendy styles and now-dated pop culture references, who would have thought that the 1995 teen comedy Clueless would still be entertaining after 20 years? Explore the world of Beverly Hills highschooler Cher Horowitz and you'll find out that there's more to this ritzy neighborhood than just shopping. Note: this trip is best enjoyed in a loqued-out, brand new white Jeep with a monster sound system... oh, and attention all virgins who can't drive: maybe avoid the highways.

Cher's House may look classic, with its columns that date back to 1972, but even though her address is listed on her father's mail as 901 Drury Lane in Beverly Hills (a real street, might I add), the house where they actually shot is, ironically enough, in the Valley. Dionne's House, where Cher picks her up before school, actually is in Beverly Hills though... and you can also check out the Stop Sign where Cher "totally paused".


Bronson Alcott High (inspired by Beverly Hills High School, where director Amy Heckerling audited classes to make sure the movie was truly accurate) was filmed at Occidental College for exterior shots ("Loadies generally hang out on the grassy knoll") and Grant High School for the interiors, as well as the tennis court where Amber sits out gym class because she can't do any activity where "balls fly at her face".


If you find yourself in need of direction...towards the mall, Cher shops at The Beverly Center and the Westside Pavilion Shopping Center. The exterior of the mall is Westside pavilion, and some interiors are at the Beverly Center. Tai's near-death experience when the "barnies" hold her over the edge of the second-floor railing was inside the Westside Pavilion. Whatever you do, don't let yourself get buyer's remorse!


And if you're looking for something to do on a Friday night, cruise past the Val Party House— and yes, this one is actually in the Valley. Head out before things get too out of hand! On their way home, Elton makes a pass at Cher, and she gets out of the car at Circus Liquor, where she's promptly robbed (and forced to ruin her totally important Alaia dress).


Feeling down in the dumps about your BFF being in love with your crush? Head out shopping (again). Cher contemplates her situation on the stairs the Beverly Wilshire and along Rodeo Drive. She also walks past The Witch's House, and finally realizes that she loves Josh (duh, who doesn't love dreamy, young Paul Rudd?) right as the Electric Fountain lights up. Who doesn't love a good, happy ending?

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