All you have to do to help feed this adorable red panda is drink beer

DryHop Brewers have created a new beer that will make you feel good while you drink it— well, at least it'll make your soul feel good. You can still get a hangover from their newest concoction, but a dollar of each pint goes towards feeding the nearby Lincoln Park Zoo's cuddly red panda, Tarrei.

Tarrei eats about $4,500 worth of bamboo every year, which is a lot considering that the zoo is free to visitors. Tarrei's diet inspired the brew, called "I'm Not A Raccoon". It's a Red Saison with hints of aromatic bamboo, mulberry and tangerine, and it'll be available starting on May 7th.


As if you need more reason to buy beer, here are a few gratuitous pictures of red pandas being cute to further convince you to support this adorable cause. Enjoy!


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