Classic FM is reporting that a mysterious grand piano has washed ashore in New York City's East River. It's now resting under the Brooklyn Bridge. You know what that means...yup, Instagrammers are losing their shit.

Music-loving New Yorkers are flocking to take photos and give silent recitals on a grand piano that was mysteriously abandoned in the East River. The Mason & Hamlin piano - found under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side - sits half-submerged at high tide and mostly exposed at low tide. As yet, no one knows where it came from, or why it is there. - Classic FM

The piano has only suffered "minimal damage" and it's resting right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. Some say it's an art installation, others say it fell off a so many things do in the city that never sleeps.

Although the instrument makes no sound, it has captured the imagination of New Yorkers, with hundreds of photos making their way onto social media as locals make the most of the new addition to the riverbank. - Classic FM

Personally, I think it's rather romantic.