It's one of the most famous races ever conceived and this teaser will make you wish you were in it. First used to promote the Mexican portion of the Pan-American highway in 1950, La Carrera Panamericana lets racers barrel down highways at super high speeds for an entire week.

The folks at Valkyr Productions were kind enough to put this incredible teaser video together from the race along with these pretty epic photos. Expect a longer, even more badass film to follow soon.


The U.S. website for the Pan-Am describes the race:

Each year one hundred cars line up in southern Mexico to race 2000 miles north. The event passes though the heart of the country, a string of mountains and impressive colonial cities. The Mexican Highway Patrol, whose top officers travel with the race, clears the highways for the timed speed runs. Along the way, a million spectators cheer the racecars along.


And just where did the 2013 Pan-Am go? Here is the basic route from the trip:

La Carrera Panamericana |

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