Are your home decoration tastes less Martha Stewart and more Mass Effect? Ever wished you could live in a home built by the Star Trek set designers? Get excited, because your dream property just hit the marketplace in California.

The Desert House, designed by Ken Kellogg, is a home that was created to compliment as well as draw from its desert surroundings, but this crazy Joshua Tree property looks more like a retro futuristic science fiction set than an "organic modern estate".

From the official description:

The Desert House: The most important architectural house you may have never seen. It is physically of the desert, a part of its surroundings. The strength of the hard and rugged protective shell exterior is drawn from the desert. The interior is a warm intimate space of flowing organic shapes wrapping gently around its inhabitants. Light enters through continuous openings that separate the towering concrete panels. The textures provide the touch and feel of the desert as materials were meticulously selected from the desert. The property highlights the masculine and feminine forms that are the hallmark of organic architecture.

Unfortunately, there was nothing in the description that explained how the seashells in the bathroom work.


If you're in the market for a really crazy looking home (or a set for your science fiction film), the Desert House has just gone up for sale and can be yours for a cool $3,000,000.

Hey, no one said the future would be cheap.

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