Three Major US Landmarks to Reopen, But Who’s Picking Up the Tab?

Good news for those of you with your hearts set on visiting major US landmarks like the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty - they’re opening up again! Despite the government shutdown three major US landmarks are set to reopen. But which ones and who's picking up the tab?

During a press conference on Friday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced the reopening of the Grand Canyon to a crowd of cheering reporters. The three landmarks, including some national parks in Colorado and Utah, will be reopening after agreements were reached last week to use state money to fund park staffing. What’s the bill to keep a national landmark open, you might ask? $61,600 a day if you’re the Statue of Liberty, and $93,000 if you’re the Grand Canyon. Not a cheap date, that’s for sure.

So no, the government shutdown isn’t over, but for the time being, it looks like New York, Arizona, and South Dakota will be doing their part to make sure that excited visitors will continue to visit these important landmarks. Of course you can always visit these incredible state parks, which are still open. :)

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