For decades, a small city in New York has been the subject of some very bizarre rumors. Locals have long whispered that if you visit at just the right time, a certain area in their neighborhood park will disappear you into thin air. Now the town has officially acknowledged the strange anomaly.

Watertown, New York is the last place you'd expect to find a creepy, supernatural mystery. After all, they're mostly known as the birthplace of the safety pin and those air fresheners for your car that are shaped like trees - both safe, friendly things. But now, it seems that they're finally ready to admit that they're becoming more well known for their local park's nasty habit of eating people.


Last week, the city officials erected a sign in the park warning locals of the "vortex". As it turns out, the Mayor himself felt compelled to acknowledge the rumors after digging up some recently declassified information linking Watertown to the infamous Area 51 base in Nevada.

"Area 51 in Nevada when it was taken over by the CIA in the mid 50's was codenamed "Watertown," Mayor Jeff Graham told local reporters. "And that was because the then director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, was a Watertown native."


Locals say that the strange anomaly causes people to seemingly disappear, only to reappear later... usually. Some believe it's just a fun urban legend, while others give stern warnings to stay as far away from Thompson Park as possible. Either way, the new sign's dedication ceremony drew a crowd of hundreds. The Mayor has since attempted to put the rumors to the test, with admittedly little luck.

"I keep bringing people up here I'd like to disappear but it never happens so we'll keep trying," he said.

Don't worry, if you want to check out the sign for yourself, you can rest easy knowing that they placed it well out of the vortex' reach..

..or did they?

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