North America is a continent of ingenuity and innovation. This is especially true when it comes to the lavatory arts. We're quite proud of our collection of latrines. From Hitler's toilet to a very NSFW bathroom, dump a load at the weirdest bathrooms in North America.

Hitler's Toilet, Florence NJ

This porcelain throne was once owned by one of history's most monstrous man. While there's no official documentation proving this toilet was sat upon by some rather, er, evil cheeks, the story goes that it was on one of Hitler's three yachts, and after his death it was eventually used for parts. The toilet made its way to Greg's Auto Repair in Jersey. It's a Jersey thing.

Safe House, Milwaukee WI

In order to find the bathroom at this spy-themed restaurant, you need to navigate through a series of mazes and trick doors. Relieving yourself could seriously take you up to 15 minutes.

Floating Bathroom, Lake Powell AZ/UT

Lake Powell caretakers were concerned that the lake would become one giant cesspool by lake-goers relieving themselves in the water. So, they built a floating bathroom to protect the water from fecal and urinal contamination.

Urban Ecology Center, Milwaukee WI

Don't be deceived by the normalcy of this bathroom. Besides being a super-environmentally-friendly bathroom (rainwater flushes, solar-powered electricity and biodegradeble soap), your used paper towels are fed to worms. Also, the urinals don't actually flush, rather an odor-proof oil is emitted to neutralize smell.

Jungle Jim's, Fairfield OH

Jungle Jim's is an extremely weird, 300,000 sq. ft. international grocery store outside Cincinnati. The bathroom, however, is in a class of it's own in the odd-department. From the outside it looks like you're about to walk into a porta-potty, but when you walk in there's a long hallway that leads to a very well-maintained lavatory. It's over-the-top and completely kitschy.


Le Drague, Quebec

The men's urinal at Quebec's sexy cabaret, Le Drague, features a bold color palette and imposing statues, with big funnels behind them where men can do their business...which pours into the tub. How delightful!


Black Lodge, Vancouver

This creepy Red Room bathroom is straight out of Twin Peaks, so it's fitting that it's located in a Twin Peaks-inspired restaurant in Vancouver.

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