Snowy Owls are Taking Over America in Most Adorable Invasion EverS

There's a foreign invasion breaking through the northern border, but chances are you won't mind very much, seeing as how the invaders are fluffy little birds that deliver messages to Harry Potter.

Researchers are saying that thanks to a disruption in their food supply, the Snowy Owl, which normally makes it's home far north in the Arctic, are flocking as far south as North Carolina, providing bird watchers with an exciting opportunity to view an animal that's rare to see in the U.S.

"We're just at the beginning of the invasion," Jessie Barrie, a scientist at the Cornell lab in Ithaca told The Associated Press. "It certainly is at a level that is pretty intense and exciting for bird-watchers, though. There are multiple birds in many locations, an indication of a strong irruption."

Snowy Owls are Taking Over America in Most Adorable Invasion EverS

Unlike many owls, the Snowy Owl likes to hunt during the day, and spends its time in large open fields, airports, and beaches, making it one of the easiest birds to observe. A good thing, since they're so dang cute.

If you live in the Northern United States, or plan on visiting soon, be sure to take a peek at the eBird database where you can keep up to date on the Snowy Owl migration and find out where can catch a glimpse of them for yourself.

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