Poop: the new alternative fuel

In Orange County, CA they're turning "Number 2′s" into fuel for their cars bringing new meaning to the term, "gassing up" your ride. After you do your business in the bathroom the Fountain Valley Waste Facility takes over turning your posh California poopy into fuel for your fancy hydrogen car.

To make this fuel the treatment facility treats your disgusting sewage just like they always have at first: cleaning the water and what not. The big difference is to make fuel they store up your crap so bacteria can feed on it. This results in a gas mixture of methane and carbon dioxide which can be put in a fuel cell to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen is then pumped to refueling stations.

And just how much fuel can Orange County's sh*t create? How about enough to refuel 200 cars a day… That's impressive.

The hydrogen car isn't a new idea. The big manufacturers have been playing around with it for a long time, but the concept of harnessing the power in our poop to provide free or extremely cheap fuel makes the hydrogen car concept all the more intriguing as a real alternative fuel option.

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Photo Credits: Cover Photo, Fuel Pump, Hyundai