New language course teaches you the romantic Dothraki tongue

Screw Mandarin, German and French! Buh bye, Latin and Hittite. There's a new language course in town. Now you can learn the exciting mother tongue of the Horselords themselves, with this new online Dothraki language course. So, the next time you find yourself in Vaes Dothrak as an ifak you won't be embarrassed when someone asks you: Hash yer dothrae chek asshekh?* You can look that Dothrak right in the eye and say: Ifas maisi yeri.** Just like a true Dothraki.

The online course expands the Dothraki learning experience into five progressive lessons, each with its own expanded grammar notes and examples, key phrases, vocabulary, interactive games, culture notes, as well as five new dialogues highlighting the grammar and vocabulary from each lesson. In total, the online Dothraki course features more than 500 Dothraki vocabulary words and hundreds of phrases, as well as an extensive pronunciation guide.

The course comes with a book and CD (not sure what that is, but I think it's like a Blu-Ray).

The Dothraki book and CD package features a pronunciation guide, basic phrases, a detailed guide to grammar, 200 vocabulary words organized in eleven thematic lists, a dialogue, culture notes, and 50 written exercise questions to test your Dothraki. The accompanying one-hour audio CD features pronunciation, phrases, key grammar examples, vocabulary, and a dialogue.

There's even an app to teach you how to speak to other nomadic horsemen while you journey across the vast central plains of Essos, looking for booty and plunder.

The app is your Dothraki learning experience to go—a practice companion for the book and online courses. It features fifteen thematic flashcard decks with more than 200 Dothraki vocabulary words, a conversational dialogue, a pronunciation guide, a simplified grammar summary, and interactive games testing your vocabulary knowledge.

*How are you?

**Go walk with your mother. (which is basically "Go fuck yourself." in Dothraki)

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New language course teaches you the romantic Dothraki tongue