Minnesota Aims to Have the Biggest Snowball Fight In HistoryS

A group of brew enthusiasts responsible for the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival, one of Minnesota's largest beer festivals, is aiming to break the world record for biggest snowball fight.. and you're invited.

The organizers announced today that they weren't merely content with getting everyone nice and buzzed on hundreds of craft brews, but that they wanted to break records while doing so. Specifically, the record set in Seattle this year for the world's largest snowball fight.

From their release:

The Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival 2014 will offer more than the opportunity to sample hundreds of craft beers from local, national, and international breweries. It will also provide festival-goers the opportunity to break a Winter Carnival worthy world record. The Beer Dabbler is proud to announce that its Guinness World Records™ application for Largest Snowball Fight has been accepted and they will attempt to set a new world record of at least 7,000 participants at The Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival on January 25, 2014.

Don't worry, they know that winter has been a little weird, so they're hauling in a bunch of snow-making machines just in case the weather doesn't feel like making any of its own.

If you're interested in making history (at least until some other festival comes along), mark your calendars for January 25th and head to St. Paul, Minnesota for the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival. Bring your jacket (and a high alcohol tolerance).

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