On March 6th Global Caravan Technologies unveiled the CR-1 trailer prototype, the first all-carbon fiber travel trailer in the world. It's big, black, and badass to say the least. Take a virtual walk-around of the CR-1...

First look at the only all-carbon fiber RV in the world

Unveiled at the Dallara IndyCar Factory in Speedway, IN and weighing half as much as a conventional trailer, the CR-1 is the result of collaboration between former IndyCar engineers, Purdue University, aerospace engineers, and even the Chinese.

First look at the only all-carbon fiber RV in the world

GCT describes the CR-1:

Style and craftsmanship are blended uniquely together in the CR-1 Carbon to pave way for unprecedented luxury standards and options, making camping more glamorous. The CR-1 Carbon is the first of many planned products in the CR-Series, and is one of the more premium offerings for super-luxury towables by GCT. Customers can take a step even further into super-luxury by selecting a custom build, or as a more practical option the CR-1 Luxury will blend carbon fiber content with full-time camping in mind.

First look at the only all-carbon fiber RV in the worldStandard on CR-1:

  • All-carbon fiber construction for massive weight reduction and strength gain
  • Bonded structure provides moisture block and superior product lifespan
  • Custom luxury automotive designed exterior lighting
  • Carbon fiber entry door and exterior doors with marine hardware
  • High-design interior fusing leather and carbon fiber styling in impeccable luxury
  • Large rear entertainment/lounge area doubles as workstation
  • Walk-through master bath with custom features
  • Flush-body design for enhanced towing, better clearance and maneuverability

CR-1 Carbon Options:

  • Smart control iOS/Android/PC software platform manages all system control functions
  • Smart control adjustable-tint privacy glass in front, rear, and bedroom ceiling
  • Up to 700W equivalent solar system with 300AH 5-year warranty AGM batteries
  • Integrated generator
  • Washer and dryer
  • Run-flat tires for improved highway towing safety
  • Second awning on off-door side of unit
  • Satellite TV and wi-fi router

First look at the only all-carbon fiber RV in the world

And just how much will this level of carbon badass-ness cost? Estimates say the CR-1 will start at a cool $100k and range all the way up to $500K. Check out GCT for more information.

Whether you have a half a million dollar RV or an old $1,000 trailer, you can still see the most amazing places in America, our national parks:

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