Allow us to recommend a few good bomb shelters, missile silos, and doomsday timeshares, because DARPA, the advanced defence arm of the US government, has just offered a two million dollar prize for the creation of the real-life Skynet. Uh oh.

On Tuesday, DARPA announced the first ever "Cyber Grand Challenge" for the team that can create the best fully-functioning automated self-defence network. In other words, it's a contest where the most ruthless threat-killing machine wins.

“DARPA’s series of vehicle Grand Challenges were the dawn of the self-driving car revolution,” said Mike Walker, DARPA program manager. “With the Cyber Grand Challenge, we intend a similar revolution for information security. Today, our time to patch a newly discovered security flaw is measured in days. Through automatic recognition and remediation of software flaws, the term for a new cyber attack may change from zero-day to zero-second.”

This would mark the first time that DARPA has pit unmanned systems against one another for their cyber war games, with first place netting a two million dollar prize, second place gaining one million, and third place taking home a cool $750,000.

Yep, this is pretty much how it all begins.. or ends:

If the shit hits the fan, you might want to use this map to plot a journey to your nearest apocalypse stronghold:

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