As if! A guide to 'Clueless' filming locations in LA

With its trendy styles and now-dated pop culture references, who would have thought that the 1995 teen comedy Clueless would still be entertaining after 20 years? Explore the world of Beverly Hills highschooler Cher Horowitz and you'll find out that there's more to this ritzy neighborhood than just shopping. Note:… »3/26/15 3:16pm3/26/15 3:16pm


This Dymaxion replica will be the weirdest thing at Amelia Island Concours  

Bucky Fuller was a man ahead of his time… Known mostly for his Dymaxion "Dwelling Machine," a spaceship-looking house intended for mass-production, he also dabbled in poetry, art, math, sailing, and, of course, automobile design. His one major foray into the automotive world, the Dymaxion Car, seems to combine all his… »2/26/15 3:51pm2/26/15 3:51pm

Timelapse shows how thousands of icicles turn into a frozen fortress

Each year in a handful of cities across America, a team of artists turn 20 million pounds of frozen water into incredible ice castles straight out of a Disney film. Now, for the first time ever, you can watch the the painstakingly-created winter wonderland come together in one of the most amazing timelapses you've… »2/10/15 10:44am2/10/15 10:44am

Not ready for the NFL season to end? Visit these football film locations

The best part of any sports movie is the inspirational speech right before The Big Game. Whether it's the Super Bowl or a Little League practice, there's nothing a good, old-fashioned motivational speech can't fix! If watching the classic pep talks from these famous football films still isn't enough to pump you up,… »1/22/15 4:35pm1/22/15 4:35pm

This is the coolest drag race event in America

Every now and then you miss a weekend event so epic you’re actually mad about it on Monday. That’s where I am today... seething for not going to The Race of Gentlemen. This past weekend the Oilers CC invited a select group of gentlemen and their pre-war (20s-30s) cars and motorcycles to race on New Jersey’s Wildwood… »10/06/14 8:01pm10/06/14 8:01pm

Hiker discovers abandoned town in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sometimes it's easy to take for granted how much land there is in America. Sure, it's harder and harder to find places that haven't been explored, but it's also become easier to forget places that we've already been. Kind of like the entire friggin' town in the middle of Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains National Park. »10/03/14 12:02pm10/03/14 12:02pm

College kids aim to break the World’s Fastest Indian record

While the 1960s saw plenty of action from American LSR legends like Craig Breedlove, Mickey Thompson, and Art Arfons, it was a friendly older gentleman from New Zealand, Burt Munro with an old (heavily modified) Indiana motorcycle that stole everyone's hearts. Even folks unfamiliar with LSR racing saw the movie »9/11/14 4:24pm9/11/14 4:24pm

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices has a prostate warmer. No really.

Once nicknamed "The Quackery Hall of Fame", the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices is a shining testament to our obsession with doing really, really weird crap to ourselves in the name of science. Though the museum closed in 2002, it lives on as the Science Museum of Minnesota's collection, "Questionable Medical… »8/06/14 9:04am8/06/14 9:04am

This is a real-life, massive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower

They said it couldn't be done. They said it probably shouldn't be done. But, Pizza Hut is attempting the impossible. A real-life, massive, 12-foot-tall pizza throwera la Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This baby is gonna be big. And it's going to be delicious. And people are probably gonna get hurt having pizzas hurled… »7/23/14 2:49pm7/23/14 2:49pm

Explore Ohio’s legendary 110-year-old ghost ship

Tucked away, about 25 miles downstream of Cincinnati, rests an abandoned ghost ship. She’s not actually Ohio’s ghost ship, rather she's really Kentucky's Abandoned Ghost Ship. She’s been slowly rusting away in a small creek, just a stone’s throw from Cincinnati. She’s only accessible by hiking across a field and… »7/22/14 1:27pm7/22/14 1:27pm

Photographer captures amazing moment lightning strikes an English field

Yesterday morning at 4AM, the quiet of Waveney Valley, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border in East Anglia, was broken by an early-morning summer storm. Fortunately, local photographer Simon Buck was up at that ungodly hour to capture the extraordinary beauty of the moment lightning struck the valley fields. »7/20/14 9:19pm7/20/14 9:19pm

Here's where you should destroy your diet for National Ice Cream month

National Ice Cream Day is coming up (Sunday, July 20th). Kick off your day of Bacchanalian gluttony by deciding which of these insanely delicious sundaes and ice cream flavors you'd most like in and around your mouth. We've even got a handy map to help you figure out how much time lies between you and your one true… »7/17/14 1:47pm7/17/14 1:47pm

These are America's yuckiest, most polluted beaches

It's officially summer, and for most Americans, that means vacation (yessss!!)— and "vacation" for many is synonymous with "beach". But have you ever thought about just how clean those rolling waves that you (and your darling children) are splashing around in are? Pollution goes far beyond empty bottles and cans—… »7/09/14 12:29pm7/09/14 12:29pm

Please stop sharing this decade-old bullshit barn-find story

Nearly a decade ago some ass-hat created the most absurd of all barn-find stories, and seven years later this bogus story is still popping up on my Facebook feed… Enough is enough. This whole freakin' story got straightened out years ago, but still... still... I see this crap being shared around... Just this week this… »6/23/14 3:02pm6/23/14 3:02pm